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Thursday, December 18, 2014

App Of The Day Duck Tile Tap

 Duck Tile Tap

Mobile application stores are funny places - with the trends and swings in popular games constantly changing. Whether it be Angry Bird style physics games, 2048 style number puzzle games, flappy bird clones, or black and white tile based games. Once one becomes popular, it is only a matter of time that countless replicas and spin-offs enter the market. Of these, it is inevitable that some are just no good. On the mother hand, some take the core concept of previously popular games, twists it slights, and place something quite decent and unique onto Google Play. It is in this latter category that Duck Tile Tap falls, taking the classic black and white tile genre, but including... MORE DUCKS!

Yes, you read correctly. The game takes the core gameplay from the heart of games like Piano Tiles, and replaces some of those tiles with Ducks. The result is surprisingly good, with the same addictive, speed-based gameplay in tact, though slightly mixed up and splashed in a good dose of humor!

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